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Cusp Conference Live in Chicago at the Museum of Modern Art & Design, 2015


Discover the ability to tap into creativity from any source with Tom Lawton, inspirational maverick inventor and award-winning product designer.


 Tom's Cusp Conference talk


Tom Lawton, an award-winning British artist, inventor & product designer, brings his innovative visions to life with creativity and determination.

As a polymath, he explores new horizons, finding joy in discovery. Tom's speaking topics span lateral thinking, innovating on a budget, sustainability, resilience, and the importance of following one's passion.

His engaging style makes him a compelling speaker, inspiring others to view the world of invention and creativity through his eyes.


Tom holds multiple patents and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He has appeared on our screens and throughout the media over an illuminating creative career spanning 25 years. He was the star of his own primetime television series - Tom's Fantastic Floating Home and is a guest lecturer at The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UCL, London.


Tom is represented by PepTalk (UK/USA) & We are Minds (Europe/Worldwide).


"A creative genius"

Michael Acton Smith - Co-founder of


"Tom Lawton is not just an inventor; he's a visionary who blends imagination, environmental consciousness, and technological innovation to create solutions that inspire others. Tom gave arguably one of the best talks of the year to our MSc at University College London - from WakeYoo, a recordable alarm clock designed to start your day with a smile, to BubbleScope, which revolutionised how we capture panoramic imagery and through to the timeless creation of The Wonder. Tom's products are a testament to his ingenious spirit and commitment to positive change. He left our group inspired and ready to take their designs to the next level."

Professor Andrew Hudson-Smith FRSA FRGS FAcSS

The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis - University College London


Taster session with PepTalk


Tom's Talks


An Inventor's Tale: The Epic Adventure of a Life Lived with Imagination and the Pursuit of a Childhood Dream to Become a Great Inventor 


What would it be like to follow your heart and to live a life with pure imagination – that’s the basis for an inventor’s tale, Tom’s life story and book in writing. To dream the impossible dream, to never give up and to see it through – against all the odds and with the courage of a tiger. From WakeYoo to Wonder, Tom’s tale inspires everyone to follow their intuition and to dare to dream of a world where everything can be made a little bit better and we can all find joy together in balance.


Unleashing Creativity: Discover Inspiration All Around You


Even in the most mundane situation, inspiration is staring at us and good ideas are right there under our noses, waiting to be discovered. Every problem has a solution in waiting and the path to a better world is just a daydream away. Whatever your resource, good ideas are the catalyst for an emerging new world. It just takes a creative brain - and we can all nurture that if we follow our intuition and trust our unique perspective of life. With humility and passion Tom shows how to unlock the power of creativity and the wonder in us all.


Uplift & Wonder: Lifting Spirits Through The Art of Relaxation


Life can be so stressful but it doesn’t have to be that way. Inspired by a deep desire and commitment to making beautiful, therapeutic peace machines, Tom elegantly demonstrates the art of doing nothing and how to lift spirits through the power of good design. A labour of love, Tom brought Uplift & Wonder to the public in response to a world in a spin and fast heading into burnout. Navigating the pandemic with creativity, courage and hard work, Tom’s story of devotion to the people he loves is a heart-warming tale that deserves its place in the history books as his legacy begins to unfold.


Designing for Endurance: Resilience Through Life, Design & Engineering


In 2015 Tom set his mission on providing an antidote to planned obsolescence with a number of original and durable designs that outlast their competitors and define a new category of product innovation that serves to be engineered for life. From the ingenious skateboard bike to Million Mile Light, the battery free running light where you are the power source, to Honking Handlebars and Uplift, a solar powered spiralling sculpture designed to soothe your soul. Tom tasks himself by thinking outside of short-term product lifecycles and with the power of good design - reminds us of how anything can be designed to last a very long time.


Doing The Right ThingSustainability & Compassion at the Heart of Design


It’s never to late to turn things around but we have to imagine the world as we want it to be. Forget government guidelines, there is a human necessity beyond rules and regulations for us to come together and set everything right. Nature is being depleted on an industrial scale and we can all play our part in restoring Earth to her beauty and balance. Design has an important role to play but so too do our habits and behaviours – and this doesn’t mean a world without fun. Quite the opposite – 'doing the right thing' has never been a more enjoyable pursuit. As a pioneering eco innovator, Tom’s story developing sustainable products began in 2003 and in 2009 he won the US Green Dot Award for inventing Firewinder, a spiralling light that is powered by the wind and makes the most of bad weather, generating a spectacle of light that inspires everyone to see the beauty of renewable energy. This talk shines a light on his inspirations in nature and some of the challenges he faced before the world woke up to a sustainable and regenerative future. Be prepared to have your soul stirred by Tom’s value driven approach to a life.


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  • Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy - Tom was compere for their annual Ogilvy Labs Live event
  • Dave Mason, Principal, Multiple Inc - Tom was a speaker at Cusp Conference in Chicago
  • Sam Downie, TED X Bristol - Tom was a speaker at their first ever event at the MSHED in Bristol
  • Dan Oakes, Head Teacher, St Bart's Primary School, Wootton Bassett - Tom is a regular guest speaker
  • Miranda Chadwick, Agent - Tom spoke at the Edinburgh International TV Festival about the future of TV
  • Al Dean, Editor Develop3D - Tom has been a past speaker and is scheduled to be keynote speaker at this year's conference Develop 3D Live in Sheffiled 
  • Nicholas Leeder, Vice President, Solutions, PTC - Tom gave an energising lunchtime talk with Nick's senior team who were all at home during lockdown in various locations across the globe
  • Sarah Lewis, Project Manager, Forward Dyson  - Tom gave a guest lecture via Zoom in December 2020 and will be coming back in the spring to present to the whole Dyson Group