Tom Lawton

Designer & Inventor


Energise your audience

Cusp Conference Live in Chicago at the Museum of Modern Art & Design, 2015


Tom loves to talk and would be very happy to share insights and experiences on his life as an inventor with you and your audience.


Whether you're organising a conference, looking for an after dinner speaker, want to inspire a classroom (or an entire school) or would simply like him to join you on Zoom to give a guest lecture to your students or team.



Themes can be tailored accordingly but include:


  • An inventor's brain - thinking laterally as the natural way

  • Innovation on a shoestring - you don't need big budgets to be creative

  • Inspiration is all around us - you see what you choose to see

  • Suststainability and design for longevity - reaching zero carbon goals

  • Personal resilience - the art of never giving up, but learning to let go

  • Finding your passion - trusting your inner voice & being true to yourself


Anything is possible! Since lockdown began Tom has found that a well organised Zoom presentation can be just as rewarding as being with an audience in person as attendees get involved with Q&A's and being able to broadcast from his studio means he has an inventive prop in hand for every story.


Email an outline of your request to


'It's exhilarating to listen to Tom talk and he inspires with every word. We look forward to having him back in to give us a guest lecture again'

Tom Crawford, Global Director of Sustainability, Dyson




  • Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy - Tom was compere for their annual Ogilvy Labs Live event
  • Dave Mason, Principal, Multiple Inc - Tom was a speaker at Cusp Conference in Chicago
  • Sam Downie, TED X Bristol - Tom was a speaker at their first ever event at the MSHED in Bristol
  • Dan Oakes, Head Teacher, St Bart's Primary School, Wootton Bassett - Tom is a regular guest speaker
  • Miranda Chadwick, Agent - Tom spoke at the Edinburgh International TV Festival about the future of TV
  • Al Dean, Editor Develop3D - Tom has been a past speaker and is scheduled to be keynote speaker at this year's conference Develop 3D Live in Sheffiled 
  • Nicholas Leeder, Vice President, Solutions, PTC - Tom gave an energising lunchtime talk with Nick's senior team who were all at home during lockdown in various locations across the globe (video below)
  • Sarah Lewis, Project Manager, Forward Dyson  - Tom gave a guest lecture via Zoom in December 2020 and will be coming back in the spring to present to the whole Dyson Group