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Tom's Fantastic Floating Home. 3 x 60mins series for Channel 4 (2013)



The Energy Fitness Podcast with Tom Lawton and Wonder

February 2024





Wonder of WakeYoo

June 2021

Full newspaper artical online

Tom Lawton · BBC Radio Wiltshire - Wakeyoo - 3rd June 2021


Wonder at Malmesbury Abbey BBC Radio

February 2021

Tom Lawton · Tom Chatting about Wonder - 21st February 2021 - Radio Wiltshire


Wonder at Malmesbury Abbey (first press announcement)

February 2021

Full newspaper artical online


Cover feature for Develop 3D

December 2020/January 2021

Full magazine edition online


Feature interview for Wiltshire Life

November 2020


Interview about Uplifting Products on BBC Radio Wiltshire

10th October 2020

Tom Lawton · Tom Lawton talking about Uplifting Products on BBC radio


The Business Exchange

9th October 2020

Wiltshire inventor marks World Mental Health Day with charity donation


The Business Exchange Cover story

October 2020


Nat Geo Traveller

December 6th 2018

Top gifts for kids this Christmas


Interview with storyteller Zoe Sanders

November 23rd 2018

Conversations to spark ideas and change lives



Swindon Advertiser

November 6th 2018

Pupils at St Bartholomew's Primary test out Million Mile Lights


Yanko Design

Thursday 31st May 2018

This Desktop Toy is literally a Stairway to Heaven



Monday 21st May 2018

An Endlessly Rotating Stair Sculpture Powered by the Sun


OMGFacts / Dose

Saturday 12th May 2018

Viral video for Uplift

Uplift Viral Video Edit by Dose from Tom Lawton on Vimeo.

Tuesday May 1st 2018

Uplift: Spiral Meditation

Wednesday April 11th 2018

We talk to inventor Tom Lawton about the creative process behind Uplift, a meditative, moving sculpture inspired by spirals

Monday 26th March 2018

How to Start & Grow Something UPLIFTing that Never Stops Inspiring


BBC Radio 5 Live

Monday 5th March 2018

I was asked to pay a tribute to an inventive hero, the late Trevor Baylis who passed away today. You can listen to my interview below.



Works That Work


I was interviewed for a feature on planned obsolescence and designing things that last by Rich McEachran for the annual publication of Works That Work - you can read it here.



Interview with Graeme Seaman on BBC Wiltshire Radio

13 June 2017



Sainsbury’s Egg Roll

Easter 2017

I was asked by Sainsbury’s and their creative agency Gravity Road to create the ultimate egg rolling machine with my boys.



Inspired by a Heath Robinson approach to innovation the aim was to inspire families to get creative with their kids over the Easter holidays without having to spend any money.



Why I run

July 2015

The story of why I run and how Million Mile Light came to be.



Cusp Conference

October 2014

Dave Mason, creator of the legendary Cusp Conference in Chicago asked me to come and tell my story.



Interview on BBC Radio Wiltshire

10th October 2014



Tom’s Fantastic Floating Home, Telegraph

2nd August 2014

Full page story in the Weekend Telegraph - you can read it here.




Tom's Fantastic Floating Home, Independent

27th July 2014

This peppy father-and-son design show floats my boat - read the review here.



Linda Lucas's prize letter TV review!

August 2014



Western Daily Press

23rd July 2014



Keynote speaker and judge of the Grand Ideas Competition for the  Intellectual Property Office

June 2013


Feature in Macworld Magazine



Interview about BubbleScope on BBC Radio Wiltshire

27th November 2012



Cover story on BubbleScope for Develop 3D Magazine

November 2012



Feature in Windows 7 Magazine

October 2012



Interview in an HSBC customer magazine

November 2011



My Genius Idea, CBBC

Autumn 2010

I was judge and expert inventor for 9 x 30 minute episodes for a Children's BBC series in search of a child with a genius idea. The winner Tybalt, pictured here invented a remarkable device called a Bike Bleeper.



Lost, Channel 4

Autumn 2001

I was amongst a group of six contestants to travel back from Russia having been blindfolded and dumped there for a reality TV show.

Viewers will have watched me and Herbtree journey back in our very own way.


You can watch the whole of the first cult series on You Tube using the links below.


Part one