Tom Lawton

Designer & Inventor


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MuBook - Concept Work, Strategic Product Development and Storytelling for Made In Mind


Making hardware that works is hard work.


I am interested in helping to shape excellent products that build world class brand reputations through first class product experiences.


If that sounds like your business and you think I can help you to deliver something amazing then please get in touch.


I see longevity, simplicity and a fitness for purpose as the holy trinity of good design.


But more than anything, I believe a product must have soul, which is why provenance, environmental performance, ease of use and universal appeal are also essential factors in designing a product that goes on to become a winner in this brave new world.


Of course, every product has its own development journey and is on a unique path to being realised. Having been through this arduous process from conception to production on many occasions, I can jump in wherever you like and that may be just what your team needs to stay on course, see things differently and deliver outstanding results.


I am actively seeking new collaborations through 2021.


Case Study - MuBook Creative Direction


Working with the team at Made In Mind in 2019 as Creative Director to help them deliver a concept product in a new space that defined new market opportunities for them while building on legacy product sales - resulting in a killer new design, prototypes, new IP, a roadmap for product development and campaign ready media assets. It was a fully supported and wonderful experience the result of which is encapsulated in the promotional film below targeted at 10K+ existing Mu fans and pulling in may more new ones.